Kristen Stewart's Reaction to 'Twilight' Ending Is Not What You Might Expect

kristen stewartAs the end of the Twilight series swiftly approaches, the cast bazillions of Twi-hards all over the nation fell in love with over the past several years is saying their goodbyes. (Sniff, sniff!) And yeah, with Breaking Dawn: Part 2 being the last in the monstrously huge franchise, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner aren't exactly holding back how they really feel about the series' epic conclusion. Of course Kristen is being especially candid.

Of course what you'd most likely expect from her is a snarky 'tude about FINALLY getting to move on from playing Bella Cullen nee Swan, right? But at a recent press conference for the film that The Stir attended, she was actually came off as heartfelt and genuine in her reaction to this being her last (ever?) Twilight film ... 


Although other sources have her saying she's "sooooo ready" to walk away from Twilight, here's what we heard ...

I don't feel I have to walk anywhere. It's what I love about this job. You hold these things. I wouldn't have done it in the first place unless it was something I was always going to carry. I think [Rob and Taylor] feel the same way. At least they tell me they do.

Aaaaaww! And speaking of Rob and Taylor, she talked about how important the bond she shares with them is to her:

It's nice to not be alone in that, I guess. There are a lot of people who are exceedingly famous, but we share the movies.

In other words, they are all totes going to be life-long BFFs, no matter what! Okay, maybe not. (Who even knows if KStew and RPatz will stay together?!) But she does seem to value what she's experienced while being a part of the franchise. She acknowledges it's something she'll -- and they'll -- always "carry." Very sweet. In fact, it might be the most touching thing we've ever heard from her oft-bitten lips! Guess it's proof that BD2 being last Twilight flick is bound to have anyone close to the phenomenon feeling at least a little sentimental ...

Are you surprised by KStew's reaction to "walking away" from Twilight?


Image via Sheri Reed

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