'DWTS' Ratings at All-Time Low Because No One Watches for the Dancing

Dancing With the StarsYou know, how out of the seemingly hundreds of seasons of Dancing With the Stars, this "all-stars" season was supposed to be the biggest and best of them all? It seems that it's shaping up to be just that, with the competition hot and heavy and full of talented folks who are giving it their all week in and week out. Unfortunately, hype that hasn't translated -- at all -- for the show's ratings.

The show tied its all-time ratings low last Monday night for a performance episode, and it's down 9 percent from last week. About 13.4 million viewers tuned in, and sure, that sounds like a crap ton of people, but that number is reportedly much smaller than the series usually delivers, according to Entertainment Weekly. They say that this is the show's lowest-rated season.

So, I guess the question remains: With all the talent this season, why ... why??


It could be a variety of things. Many fans most likely tune in to see new faces, or maybe people like watching contestants who aren't all that great at dancing at first, or maybe the "stars" are so good this season, it's hard to pick a favorite, or maybe they just aren't interested in seeing the same C-list celebrities dance again and again ... and again. Fans want the drama of the unexpected with the new contestants, after all! Also, DWTS airs at the same time as The Voice, which apparently more people are tuning in to at this time.

Who knows, perhaps DWTS is finally fading from its ratings high horse a la American Idol. It had to happen eventually, right? But it's not all doom and gloom, the show-producer-guys have plenty of options: They could try mixing up the judges' panel or try to bring in more relevant stars (yeah right, good luck with that) if this all-stars formula isn't working. They could stir up some fake drama or controversy, too. Or maybe the show's just getting really old and people are giving up on it and waiting for the next big thing.

And, with viewers rating the dancers based on likability over talent, plus a broadcast that certainly takes up a heck of a lot of one's time (you can't tell me they can't squeeze everything into a much shorter show), maybe this is the wake-up call producers need to give the contest a fresh take. Then again, 13.4 million viewers ain't too shabby, so it'll be interesting to see exactly what these "low" ratings mean to ABC and if they'll actually change anything at all.

As for now, we'll see who the ultimate "all-star" is at the end of this season and watch if the ratings continue to decline. Still, Tap-Dancing With the Stars, anyone? Or maybe just a show with Kate Gosselin, Kirstie Alley, and Bristol Palin ballroom dancing against each other? Hey, weirder things have happened ...

How do you think DWTS could reclaim its glory day ratings? Is it even possible?


Image via ABC

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