Is Robert Pattinson Adorably Tipsy During This Jimmy Kimmel Interview? (VIDEO)

robert pattinsonIt's not too often we see Robert Pattinson with his guard down, but we may now have the secret to getting the star to loosen up a bit. Vodka. On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, RPattz admitted to hitting the sauce before the interview and, to be honest, it showed. Our boy definitely seemed a little bit tipsy. Not in a bad way, though, but in the most Britishly adorable slightly drunk way ever. I mean, he tried to hide his shoes for crying out loud and was bright red throughout the entire sit-down. Awww! RPattz is potted! You have to see it.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Also, guesssss whoooo was in the pre-show Green Room with RPattz? Yup, Kristen Stewart. Seems like she was there to support Rob. Interesting.

What do you think of the interview?


Photo via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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