Puppy Predicts Presidential Election & We’re Bow Wowed (VIDEO)

I'm not one for watching all of the pundits predicting who will win the election. First off, it's boring. Secondly, I like a surprise! But this pundit I just had to watch. Because it was a pupdit. Jimmy Fallon's puppy, Gary, predicted the outcome of the election. Hey, remember that octopus who correctly guessed all of those World Cup matches? Who is to say that an animal doesn't have a sixth sense about future outcomes? Jimmy put two bowls of kibble down on his show's stage, one red for Mitt Romney and one blue for Barack Obama. And then he let Gary predict who will be our next president. It's seriously the most adorable thing I've seen all election season.


Don't think that Gary just randomly rushed to whatever bowl of food happened to catch her eye first. (Yes, Gary is a girl.) Oh no. Jimmy is a good fur dad and so he first educated his pup on the platforms of both candidates. Jimmy picked up Gary, looked her square in the eye, and said:

Before you vote I want to give you a quick briefing on the candidates, so listen up. As I’m sure you know, Mitt Romney is a free market purist while Barack Obama believes that government must play a role in creating ... Gary pay attention.

Yeah, it's no so easy to educate a dog. Gary really looked like she couldn't care less about either candidate. Which probably reflects a lot of the American public too. Jimmy tried again with:

Romney has promised to cut spending and repeal Obamacare and Obama wants America to become energy independent by focusing on clean energy. These are just the basics but they should be enough to help you make an informed decision. You ready to vote Gary?

Er, yeah, again Gary really looked like she wasn't quite grasping these issues. I think Jimmy might have had more luck discussing Obama's stance on organic dog biscuits and Romney's ideas about leash-free Saturdays in public parks.

But anyway ... Jimmy put Gary down and let her run to the "candidate" (bowl of kibble) she predicts will win. The result certainly bow wowed me!

What do you think of Gary's prediction?


Image via NBC/Hulu

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