Kim Kardashian & Kate Middleton Are One Lunch Away From Becoming Besties

kim kardashian
Mmm, Kate. Try the corn kernel.
Kim Kardashian, man. Always biting my style. I get a white cat and name it Mercy, she gets a white cat and names it Mercy. I date Kanye West, she dates Kanye West. I love Kate Middleton, she loves Kate Middleton. Copy-cat in every sense of the word. If you haven't heard (because you were reading about election stuff or something), Kim recently told Life & Style -- the tabloid I always talk to -- that she and her sisters are so krazy for the Duchess of Kambridge that they want to dine with her. Yeah. Like, chew food and swallow it at the same time. Kim stated: "We’d love to [see Kate Middleton], are you kidding? We all love her! I’d call her up and ask her to lunch. She’s amazing."

Kate and Kim having lunch together -- yeah, like that's ever going to happen. Unless of course we suddenly find out that Kate secretly watches reruns of Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- oh my god, Kim and Kate are so having lunch!


Now, it hasn't been confirmed -- I put in a call to the Palace and am still awaiting a response -- but I'm going to venture to guess that Kate has seen an episode or 90 or Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, or Kourtney and Khloe Take New York, or Khloe and Lamar. (And she's probably seen Married to Jonas, too, FYI.) Reports in the past have claimed that Kate and Wills are all normal and low-key and just like to sit at home and cook roast chickens and watch TV. TV pretty much equals Kim Kardashian, doesn't it? Boom, done. They're having lunch together. Heard it here first.*

Do you think Kate and Kim are one lunch away from a best friend charm?

*This is just something really dumb and mindless for you to enjoy in case you've been bombarded with political information and "smart" things today. Happy to be of service.


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