Kim Kardashian's Laughable 'Diet' Isn't the Weirdest Celeb Weight-Loss Trick

kim kardashianThere's a new rumor going around about Kim Kardashian, and I love it. Like with most celeb rumors, I can't tell you for sure if it's true or not, but I don't care. It's so weird and ridiculous -- and actually somewhat believable -- that I have to share with you: Supposedly, Kim's new plan to lose weight is to eat one kernel of corn at a time. The hell, right? I don't even know how one does that. That's not eating, that's flossing.

Anyway, regardless of whether this poppycock holds any truth or not, Kim's not the first celeb to go on a super weird diet. Puh-lenty of other stars have gone to extreme measures to lose weight -- like these five ladies.


Elizabeth Hurley. Supposedly, whenever Liz is looking to shed a few pounds, she drinks watercress soup (watercress is a super low-cal veggie). She once told the Daily Mail that she drinks at least six cups of watercress soup whenever she feels like she needs to lose weight.

Megan Fox. According to ... the Internet, the Transformers star drinks apple cider vinegar whenever she's feeling bloated. There isn't much medical evidence backing this technique up, but reportedly, she feels it rids her body of water weight and helps speed up her metabolism.

Jennifer Aniston. I have a hard time believing this one, but some say that the future Mrs. Theroux has resorted to eating "14 servings" of baby food when she wants to shed some el-bees. Really? Which kind? Most baby food tastes gross.

Lady Gaga. Perhaps inspired by her former boyfriend -- who even wrote a book on it -- Lady Gaga has been rumored to use whiskey as a tool for losing weight. Suuuure, she does. 

Snooki. In an effort to slim down, Snooki apparently went on the cookie diet, which entailed eating nine 60-calorie cookies a day -- breaking for a treat every two hours.

Damn, ladies. Whatever happened to plain old exercise?

Have you ever gone on a weird diet?

Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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