Lindsay Lohan May Go to Jail & Let's All Hope It Happens for Her Sake

Could Lindsay Lohan be headed to jail? I know it's actually hard to keep track of which offense in her many line of offenses would land her in the pokey again, but luckily I'm here to clear it up for you. You may remember that in June, Lindsay's Porsche crashed into an 18-wheeler. The first reports that came out said that Lindsay's assistant, not Lindsay herself, was driving the car. Then it came out that Lindsay herself was driving, and I mean, really, was anyone was shocked by that? But since Linds told a police officer she wasn't driving, that is reportedly about to lead to being charged with a little thing called lying to law enforcement. You know you can't fight da law, da law always wins, Linds!


Lindsay, obviously, does a lot of selfish, entitled things that have led to all of her troubles: Driving under the influence, stealing jewelry, reckless driving, etc, etc... But the capper really has to be lying to a cop. And not only lying to a cop, but apparently asking your humble assistant to take the fall for your crappy driving.

I don't know why Lindsay felt compelled to lie -- getting in an accident isn't a crime. So she must have been worried about something -- either reckless driving or the pills in her purse. Reportedly, the pills were prescribed by a doctor, so she wasn't charged there. But she was definitely worried about something that happened that day and worried it would send her to jail, since her probation for jewelry theft requires she obey ALL laws.

I feel sorry for Lindsay and the fact that her parents are train wrecks and that she's been supporting the family since she was a child. But hey. LOTS of people have train wrecks for parents and slim to no support systems. LOTS of teens go to work early, and some even end up significantly contributing to their family's income.

But unfortunately all of this -- plus the whole Hollywood scene in general -- has given Lindsay one hell of a warped entitlement complex. I used to feel bad for her and thought she was being overly picked on when she was doing the same things male stars were doing. I don't anymore. Especially after the unsympathetic tweets she sent out about Hurricane Sandy -- proving she lives in her own little world, untouched by the reality of life, whether it be storms or laws. Maybe jail will drop kick her back to reality.

Do you think Lindsay should go to jail?


Image via HairColor2012/Flickr

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