'DWTS' Recap: Kirstie Alley Should Dance Her Last Dance

Kirstie AlleyThis season of Dancing With the Stars isn't going to be easy to win. The people who are left are all ridiculously good. At this point, there isn't a single person (with the exception of Kirstie Alley) who needs to go. And this is why Alley needs to leave next week. 

It's not that I don't love her. I totally do. She is entertaining, hilarious, and yes, even good at dancing. But against Melissa Rycroft, Emmitt Smith, Gilles Marini, and Shawn Johnson, she is clearly (clearly!) the weak link with Apolo Ohno or Kelly Monaco being a distant second.

Under normal circumstances, Alley would be staying much longer, but this season is anything but normal. She has got to go. In many ways, it's not fair that Sabrina Bryan left ahead of her. She may be a better entertainer and have more fans, but come on. Isn't this show about dancing?


It's very unpopular to criticize Alley. For good reason. She is the oldest, the least experienced, and the most "amateur" of all the contestants. The rest are almost all sports stars or have gymnastics or dance training.

Alley said this week that she has a "place" in this competition. She is right. She does. But she also needs to know when to leave. Obviously it's the fans who decide all this, but it would be ridiculous for her to stay while one of the better dancers goes home.

If this were a popularity contest or based on who I liked best, I would think Alley should win it. But it's not. She is by far the worst dancer, and at some point, it's just unfair for her to stay.

I hate to say it, but someone has to! She had a great run. She's been a blast to watch. But enough is enough. There is no elimination this week because of the election, but next week she has got to go.

And she can take Apolo or Kelly with her.

Do you think Kirstie is done?


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