Kanye West Shows Kim Kardashian's Bikini Photos to His Friends: Flattering or Humiliating?

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestHe certainly isn't shy about shouting his adoration for his lady love from the rooftops, and that's why it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that Kanye West recently showed off pictures of Kim Kardashian to his friends. And these weren't just any photos of Kim -- because the shots in question were of her wearing a bikini.

And while it's all well and good that Kanye is proud enough of his gal that he can't resist bragging about her (ahem) assets to his buddies, it's hard not to wonder how Kim feels about him sharing those photos -- especially if she hasn't approved each and every single one them first.


Be honest, if you were Kim, wouldn't you want to personally go through each and every picture to make sure you looked slim and perfect before allowing your boyfriend to show them off? Personally, I know if my husband had any shots of me in a bathing suit, let alone a two-piece (which he wouldn't because I ban any pictures of me being taken at the beach), I'd want to check out each one to make sure there were no lumps or bumps hanging out -- and to be sure I wasn't sitting or standing in a pose that makes me look any bigger than I already am.

And if I did find out that he'd shared pictures without my consent? OMG. I'd kill him. (Figuratively speaking.)

But since this is Kim Kardashian -- odds are good that she probably likes the idea of Kanye showing her half-naked body to his pals, because it only proves even further that he holds her up on some sort of pedestal. I mean, if she didn't get all bent out of shape when he rapped about her being famous for her sex tape, I highly doubt a few bikini pics are going to rattle her cage.

Would you be upset if your husband or boyfriend showed off photos of you?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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