Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes Should Obviously Tour With 'TLC' as Hologram

lisa left eye lopesThe first compact disc I ever bought was TLC's "Crazy Sexy Cool." It was red and black on the outside, pure musical joy on the inside. I was too young to know what the songs "Creep" and "Take Our Time" were really about, but that didn't matter. The catchy sound of the album was what drew me in. That, and the "Waterfalls" video. I mean, that shit was amazing. So if you're a TLC fan and have been from the beginning, it should warm your heart to know that the girls are possibly going back on tour ... and by girls I mean T-Boz, Chili, and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Mmmhmm, that's right, Left Eye gonna be a hologram, y'all.


It is a fact that Left Eye being resurrected and turned into a three-dimensional laser image is the best holiday gift a girl could ask for. It's like the '90s never really died, it's like Left Eye never really died, it's like I'm 13 all over again and doing the shoulder-shrug-elbow-fist "Waterfall" dance in black Umbros and a Warner Bros. t-shirt.

Holograms first became a thing when 2pac performed at Coachella, despite having been shot to death in 1996, and people had mixed feelings about bringing people back from the dead. Soon after, there were rumors that TLC was going to use the technology to bring back Lisa, but this is the first time they've actually admitted to considering the idea.

If you ask me, though, nothing would make my heart sing more than a TLC reunion tour that includes all three members. I mean, what better way to honor Left Eye than to bring her in on all the fun she's missing?

I shouldn't get my hopes too high, though -- as of now, there's no plan for another TLC album or tour. T-Boz and Chili are definitely thinking about those things, but nothing's firmly in the works.

Whatever they decide on, I hope Hologram Left Eye's a part of it.

Were you a TLC fan? What do you think about holograms?


Photo via MboyoT/Flickr

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