Ice-T’s Wife Coco Austin’s Weather Reporting Will Be Campy With a Chance of Va-Va-Voom (VIDEO)

Coco AustinYou know, I already stated my case about how ridiculous I think it is for news anchors to expose themselves to dangerous weather conditions just to get compelling footage during big storms, but now that I've seen Nicole "Coco" Austin's crack reporting during Hurricane Sandy, I realize I might have been wrong. Let me amend my previous statement to this: it's ridiculous for reporters to stand out in scary weather conditions -- UNLESS they expose their massive, glistening hooters in the process.

As it turns out, Coco -- who you may know better as Ice T's wife, or That Reality Show Lady With the Giant Boobs and Ass -- did such a bang-up job reporting from the balcony of her home in Edgewater, N.J, VH1 is offering her a job as an official weather girl.

Would I watch the weather being reported by Coco? You bet your (biology-defying) butt I would.


If you missed Coco's big news moment, here's the video:

Sadly, the audio quality isn't very good, but I'm guessing viewers weren't terribly interested in the sound.

VH1's "Big Morning Buzz" host has since praised Coco for her fearless, moist performance:

Coco put herself outside during the height of hurricane Sandy, to weather the storm so the rest of us didn't have to and looked darn good doing it. That kind of dedication and charisma is what our show is all about. I would love to have Coco join my team.

If you're not super familiar with Coco, I have a picture that perfectly explains why she'd be awesome as a weather girl:

I mean, COME ON. The possibilities are endless. Can you imagine Coco reporting on … a full moon? Maritime ass mass? Severe thunderthigh watch? She'd be so cheeky! One thing's for sure, you know she'd fulfill her booty.

In all seriousness, it sounds like a great fit for Coco, since she's confessed that weather, like, tooooootally blows her away:

I’m so into the weather. I literally watch the Weather Channel… hours a day and it will say the same weather over and over, but I’m just in total awe about how weather, like, transforms into storms and systems and tornadoes.

What do you think about Coco as a weather girl?

Images via YouTube, Cocosworld

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