Quinn Returns to ‘Glee’ But Will She Be Staying?

Quinn played by Dianna AgronI feel sort of guilty saying this about my girl Dianna Agron, but between all the break ups and drama on this season of Glee I've sort of forgotten about the fact that her character Quinn's been missing. Yeah, things are different now without some of McKinley's all-stars, but I think Ryan Murphy and the gang have been handling the changes quite well.

Regardless, I've always been a fan of Quinn's voice and a LOVER of her fashion (outside of the cheer uniform). Good news for my fellow Quinn fans, she's 100 percent coming back in episode 7, "Dynamic Duets." The freshman's back from Yale? I couldn't be happier!

Check out all we know about Quinn's big return to Glee:


How long Quinn will be around: Nothing's been confirmed past episode 7 yet, so for all we know it could be a short-lived stint. 

Quinn's got a boyfriend: It's been a while since we've seen Quinn happy and romantic. Apparently she's found a new boo off in New Haven -- but he's not the best. Ryan Murphy tweeted that Santana is not happy about her choice in men. Uh-oh.

The short bob is OUT: I fell head-over-heels for Quinn's modern bob last season. Send her off to college, though, and she comes back with long blonde strands for days. I think she looks mature. What do you think?

Quinn's making new friends: Seems that Q's new boyfriend isn't the only thing that Santana will be buggin' out about. According to E! Online, Quinn befriends Kitty (the "new" Quinn, if you will) while she's visiting Lima and Santana freaks OUT! Come on, lady, where are your loyalties?!

The old crew will get back together, for the most part: Dianna Agron tweeted a photo of a few of the old glee club kids at BreadstiX. Sure, there are some key players missing like the New York kiddos Lea and Kurt, but it feels good to see some of the classic crew rekindling.

What are you looking forward to the most about Quinn's return?


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