Two 'Walking Dead' Characters Have a Hot New Romance Brewing

The Walking DeadThere is so much to be dissected about last night's gut-twister of an episode on The Walking Dead, but can we pause the adrenaline to talk about what's going on between Andrea and the Governor for a second here? There's no super big spoilers ahead if you've been watching since the season opener, because even on last week's episode, you had to have noticed that little spark going on between those two characters, with that lingering eye contact and that annoying talking-out-of-one-side-of-her-mouth thing Andrea likes to do. If you second-guessed any kind of attraction between the two, that totally suggestive and sexy thing Governor did in last night's episode should have erased any doubts in your mind.


If you remember from last week, Andrea (all flirty) asked the Governor, played by British actor David Morrissey (age 48, six-foot-three, yeah I looked him up) to reveal his real name, to which the Governor responded in an octave or two lower than usual: "I never tell." To which Andrea flirted back: "Never say never." Well, it was a whole lot of sexual tension that ended in the two saying goodnight and Andrea still planning to leave that creepy cult-like community of Woodbury with Michonne.

Until last night ... when The Governor finally told Andrea, played by actress Laurie Holden, 42, his name. It's Phillip! "Someone told me never to say never so ...," he said to Andrea, eyes locked tighter than Walker jaws on a human calf muscle. She had been getting ready to split, but then changed her mind. Hmmm wonder why? I mean cult leaders become cult leaders for a reason. And what the hell is in that tea they are making everyone drink anyway?

It was a pretty cheesy scene alright, but you have to admit that a little romance in the middle of all those Biters (what the Governor calls them) chomping off people's faces, mutilated deers, and women undergoing backroom cesarean sections is a nice break from all the intensity. Now that Lori is in a zombie-free land far far away, we need a new couple to fill the gap. Maggie and Glenn are just too cute together and the image of Daryl and Carol are ... kinda off-putting after that whole "I'll go down first" exchange.

But Andrea and the Governor? Things could get pretty hot, pretty fast. Especially if we find out that Michonne not only thinks the Governor is a lying evil shitbag but is secretly in love with Andrea herself. Whoa ... I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, all that zombie lust going to my brain. Or I miss the Rick-Shane-Lori love triangle a little too much.

What do you think the Governor is thinking about Andrea? Does he really like her, or is she just another pawn in his evil plot?


Image via AMC

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