'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Makeup Can Give You Bella's Sexy Vampire Glow ... If You Dare

breaking dawn: part 2 makeupTwi-hards are looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn: Part 2 for many reasons, but one of the main draws has to be that we finally get to see Bella Swan as a vampire. As the trailers and clips that have already hit the web show, the "vampy" look really suits Stephenie Meyer's tomboyish, Chucks-lovin' leading lady. Honestly, with her porcelain skin and berry red lips, she's never looked better!

And neither will we once we get our hands on a new cosmetics collection inspired by the series' epic conclusion ...


Essence Cosmetics' new collection features two lip glosses (one in a deep purple hue, the other in blood crimson red), two liquid glitter eyeliners (in deep purple and black), four nail polishes (in sparkly dark blue, black, deep purple, and gold), shimmering powder (so your skin sparkles a la Cullen?), pink and red blush (so you can get that "human" glow), loose pigments eyeshadow (in deep purple, black, blue, and gold), and shimmery gold lipstick. As you'd imagine, all the products also have cute, film-themed names like Jacob's Protection, A Piece of Forever, Renesmee Red, and Edward's Love. Yeah, I'm a total sucker for tie-ins like that. But the collection really does sound like it has everything you'd need to do a full-on Vampire Bella makeover … (Well, that is, sans the red eyes.)

The clincher is that all of the products retail for about $5 or less! For instance, the nail polish is only $2! So cheap! I'm guessing that means tweens, teens, and Twi-Hard adults alike will be scooping the limited-edition products off the shelves. After all, no matter what demo you fit into, there's nothing embarrassing about picking up a beauty tip or two from Mrs. Cullen in BD2. After all, her radiant new look is (literally) to die for!

Would you check out the new BD2 makeup line?


Image via Essence.eu

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