Kristen Stewart Shows Kim Kardashian How a Bra Can Become a Top (PHOTO)

kristen stewartIf white is the new black, then bras are the new tops. First Miley Cyrus wore one for a visit with Jay Leno. Then Kim Kardashian wore one, because there was a period of five minutes that she wasn't getting any publicity. Now there's Kristen Stewart at the AFI Fest premiere for On The Road in one.

Love KStew or hate her, peeps, you have to admit, the girl looks good in a weird bra/top/bustier situation. Not too many people could pull this look off.


Before we get into why exactly Kristen werked this look, can we discuss this new bra-as-a-top trend for a minute? It's weird. It's super attention-grabbing (the new "nip slip", perhaps?). And it's a little too 80s for my taste. That said, I guess it works for some. Okay, good talk. Back to KStew.

The reason, in my sweatpant-loving opinion, that she looks so good is because everything in her outfit flows. And it isn't over-the-top. Like, you don't get the impression that Kristen wore this as an oh-mah-gah-look-at-me outfit, as Kim or Miley may have. Kristen simply looks like a person who loves fashion in this -- and the way she wore is perfection: A simple updo; black, high-waisted, harem-esque pants; pointed-toe pumps; red lips. Flawless.

The bra-as-a-top look, although odd, has potential to go one of two ways, guys: Costume-esque or high-fashion-esque. And Kristen encompasses the latter. Love it. And look at that, she's even smiling! Who knew -- she has teeth!

Bra-as-a-top: Thoughts?

Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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