Bruce Springsteen Critics Need to Be Quiet About His Moving Sandy Telethon (VIDEO)

Bruce SpringstenBruce Springsteen is well known as a man who loves his home state of New Jersey. He is also well known as a supporter of President Barack Obama. So when he announced his plans to hold a telethon for the state of New Jersey, which was struck by Superstorm Sandy this past week, some critics (namely Fox News) turned it into a political thing. And shame on them for that.

Springsteen, along with known Obama supporters Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon, held the telethon to raise funds for those affected by Sandy. Christina Aguilera, Bon Jovi, and others also lent their support to the cause. The cause is not a political one. But Fox News feels otherwise.

Their disgusting attempt to politicize and polarize an event that was meant to bring us together is nothing short of despicable. See below:


Does that seem political? Does that seem un-American or any other crazy thing that Fox News invents? It’s ridiculous. It’s shameful. It’s embarrassing.

Truly, people talk all the time about the “liberal media” bias that allegedly runs rampant in this country. But I call BS. Fox News is so biased, it’s laughable. How could they take an innocent telethon that comes from a good place of love and charity and turn it into a political event. It’s not just gross, it’s deplorable. They should be ashamed.

Springsteen loves New Jersey. He also supports Obama. But when the winds came blowing into New Jersey and knocked down trees and power, when the water came rushing from the beach into homes, destroying board walks and infrastructure, I think the last thing on Springsteen — or anyone’s — mind was who might win this election.

Apparently, that’s what Fox News and their ilk care about, though. They don’t want to make the world a better place or help those in need. They just want their candidate to win. Gross.

We should be joining together at a time like this, not focusing on who wins the Presidential election. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie knows this. He has welcomed Obama with open arms and praised his efforts effusively.

Grow up, Fox News. We are on to you.

Did you watch the telethon?

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