Saturday Night Live’s ‘Lincoln’ Skit Hilariously Tells the Truth About Being President (VIDEO)

Abraham LincolnBeing the President is not a whole lot of fun. Last night Saturday Night Live hilariously spoofed this with their Lincoln skit. Poor Lincoln has been subject to many a movie this year from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter to Lincoln. But never has he been so well spoofed as in the SNL “sitcom” Lincoln.

It’s hilarious because it’s true! See below:


That “everybody hates me no matter what I do” thing. Yeah, that’s pretty right on. Think about President Obama, for instance. He can avoid a major economic crisis, reverse Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, pass sweeping, amazing legislation for health care and yet, he is still not seen as “doing enough.” Seriously?

But this is the joy of being President. If you do a great job people want to kill you. If you do a crappy job, people still hate you, but at least you did not work as hard. Oy.

One of the best parts of SNL is that they perfectly parody the current state of our lives. In this case, they say they are mocking Lincoln. But you know? They are saying so much more. This skit will make you laugh and make you think. Gotta love it.

Even more, SNL is known for being a New York based show. Coming back after Superstorm Sandy, but just a few days before the election, they faced a tall obstacle. They needed to strike the right tone, but also be funny. With skits about Sandy and Lincoln and no political cameos, they hit the exact right tone. They can remind us to laugh, but also remind us of what matters.

Did you see this skit?

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