Rod Stewart Finally Talks About That Stomach Pumping Rumor (VIDEO)

Remember that old rumor about the rock star who collapsed on stage and had to be rushed to the emergency room? There, the star had his stomach pumped and out came a gallon of semen! This urban legend has been attributed to a bunch of different singers, both male and female, but none more so than Rod Stewart. Of course, none of us ever believed it. Ahem. But wouldn't it be cool to ask him about it? I mean, if you and Rod were having drinks somewhere and your inhibitions were loosened up and the two of you are laughing up a storm and then you're all, "Hey ... hey ... Rod. That thing about you and the semen? That true or what?"

Well, if you're Katie Couric, you didn't need to be drunk to ask that question. She recently had Rod on her talk show and she went for it! You can always count on Katie to ask the tough questions that need to be asked. So what did Rod say?!


Mind you, Katie just didn't let this question fly out of her mouth. She warmed Rod up a bit asking him to clarify other rumors over the years. But you know this is the The Big Rumor she wanted to get to.

"Fact or fiction?" giggled Katie, looking like she was just about to ask Rod something harmless like where he got his shoes. "Rod once had to have his stomach pumped after an encounter with gay sailors at a bar in San Diego."

Rod took it all in good humor. Believe it or not, apparently this rumor didn't come out of nowhere. Rod says he fired his former gay publicist for doing something "terrible" and the guy was so mad he went and spread this rumor about him.

"He wanted revenge," says Rod. "So he started this rumor about me. It was horrible because my kids were in school. That is definitely not true."

Katie doesn't seem to want to let the matter drop though. She adds: "It became accepted, right?" To which Rod huffs, "It was never accepted. I'm as heterosexual as they come!"

Well, thank goodness, we can all rest easy now. Rod Stewart is not gay nor did he ever have a stomach full of semen pumped. This doesn't let Mick Jagger off the hook though.

Do you remember this rumor?

Image via Katie

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