Kim Kardashian's '$20 Million Wedding' to Kanye Better Last Longer Than Her First

It's that time of the year again, folks. And I'm not talking about hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. The monstrosity I'm talking about is another Kim Kardashian wedding! It was just about a year ago that Kim's fairytale wedding to Kris Humphries assaulted our psyche and airwaves. And we all know how that turned out. But this one will be different, y'all. For one, it will be even more expensive. OK! magazine claims to have all of the nitty-gritty details of Kim's second fairytale wedding -- this time to Kanye West, duh! -- and I'm here to round them up for you. Tradition might have it that a gal's second wedding be more subdued than her first, but this is Kimye we're talking. There's nothing subdued about those two. And their supposed upcoming wedding takes the cake.


In a cover story, OK! seems to have all of the details, practically right down to what kind of undies Kim will be wearing under her bridal gown. These details are ascribed to "inside sources" (of course) and could just be a bunch of fairytale talk. If not, Kim seems to have already planned every tiny detail. I mean, this girl must think nothing but wedding, wedding, wedding!! Herewith are some of the fantastical plans -- supposedly. (And don't hold your breath waiting for an invite.)

- This wedding will cost $20 million, double the rumored cost of Kim's last trip to the altar. Says OK!'s trusty source: "She wants a classy but extravagant ceremony. Something to capture the world's attention. She's figured $20 million should get her the very best of the best." Ummm ... right?

- The wedding planner will cost $500,000. Insiders say that Kim is considering using a planner who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Walters and Jewel.

- More than $2 million in flowers. Kim supposedly spent $2 million in flowers on her first wedding, so of course this one has to have more.

- The bouquet. This will be a creme-colored bouquet of white roses. Seriously? She's planned the bouquet already?!

- The Aston Martin. You know Kim and Kanye aren't going to be stingy when it comes to their own wedding gifts. Kim supposedly wants to gift her man with this $2.5 million car.

- Kim's gift. Kanye ain't no slouch, and rumor has it he wants to give Kim an emerald-and-diamond Cartier necklace valued at $100,000. Hm, I think Kanye is the winner here.

- The bridesmaids won't go empty-handed. The bridesmaids, two of which will surely be Khloe and Kourtney, will get a prepaid weekend trip to somewhere like Cabo or Hawaii. Hopefully Kim won't send one of those obnoxious bridesmaids emails.

- The dress(es). Last go round, Vera Wang designed Kim's dress. This time, Kim not only one wants another Vera Wang dress but a Roberto Cavalli dress too. Nothing like a wedding with two, count 'em, two wedding gowns.

- The entertainment. Kim has supposedly reached out to her favorite singer, Celine Dion, about playing the wedding. Celine could cost her a cool $6 million. But what's that to Kim? Anyway, if Celine doesn't work out, Kim's Plan B is Beyonce.

Quite a wedding, eh?!! We'll just have to see if even a shred of this is true. Whoever knew all of this is either a true blabbermouth or has a seriously wild imagination!

Do you think Kim would have a wedding like this? Would you watch another Kim wedding?


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