Demi Lovato vs. Zooey Deschanel: Who Sang the National Anthem Better? (VIDEOS)

World SeriesIn spite of all the other stuff going on (hurricanes, presidential elections, Kim Kardashian's Halloween outfit), did anyone pay any attention to the fact that the San Francisco Giants blew past the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series last night? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? That's okay, we're here to catch you up. On the most important stuff. Er, namely -- who sang the Star Spangled Banner before the games. And, of course, who did it better. Why not? This time, it's Zooey Deschanel, who performed on Saturday, vs. Demi Lovato, who rocked it on Sunday.

Zooey, an actress on New Girl, played it pretty straight, while Demi belted it with a lot of additional runs and pauses. Some thought Zooey was boring, some thought Demi's was too much. This is some serious, intense, important stuff, people. Hurricanes be damned. Let's listen to both and decide whose version is the best.


Here's Zooey's version:

Awww, sometimes I forget how cute she is. And what a lovely voice she has!

And now, if you have loads of time on your hands, and of course you do, since a hurricane is coming and you can't leave the house, here's Demi's version:

So, what do you think? Two beautiful ladies with two very different takes on our National Anthem. Of course, the song is extremely difficult to sing, but both pulled it off with class. And no one seemed to f*ck up the lyrics. Personally, I prefer Zooey's simple, conventional version, but I could see why people would say it was a little "boring." There's no doubt that Demi can bring it, too, so really, to each their own.

Now that that harrowing problem of historic proportions has been resolved, if you're more interested in comparing what they were wearing, well, seriously, the Internet thinks of everything.

So, in your opinion, who did it better: Zooey or Demi?

Image via BUNNIG89/YouTube

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