Lindsay Lohan's Hurricane Sandy Tweets Are Crazy Even by Lindsay Lohan Standards

Lindsay LohanHey people on the East Coast who are preparing for the biggest storm that's ever hit the United States -- great news! You can officially stop evacuating, stop closing schools and transit systems, stop boarding up windows, stop stockpiling supplies, and for christ's sake, you can certainly stop worrying. Never mind the potential for widespread damage, record flooding, loss of power, and loss of life! Never mind the predictions that this storm will impact a jaw-dropping 50 to 60 million people! According to Lindsay Lohan, it's time to stop panicking about Hurricane Sandy, and start thinking positive!

I really shouldn't be surprised at this point by anything Lindsay Lohan says or does, and yet. AND YET. Somehow, Lindsay still managed to blow me away with her deranged tweets from last night, in which she berated people for their "negativity" about the storm, and suggested renaming it "Hurricane Sassy."


Lindsay started by posting what may possibly be the dip-shittiest tweet I've about ever seen:

I'm just -- I mean -- seriously, where do you even get started with how profoundly ignorant that is? Why is everyone in such a panic? Oh, I don't know, maybe something about history-making flooding and deadly high-force winds and JESUS EFFING CHRIST, LOHAN, REALLY?

Lindsay went on to have a long and chatty Twitter conversation as she and friends attempted to get #hurricanesassy trending. She wants to rename it Hurricane Sassy because:

that is so much more comforting... much less threatening, no?

Oh my god. You know, I've felt sort of sympathetic to Lindsay Lohan in the past, because of her toxic parents and her obvious addiction issues, but this is so idiotic there's simply no excuse. It's one thing to (foolishly) think that this storm is being overhyped, it's something else entirely to publicly blast people for "projecting negativity" as they prepare and take safety precautions.

Clearly, she's in dire need of a detox program muzzle mandatory assignment to FEMA new publicist.

What do you think about Lindsay Lohan's take on Hurricane Sandy?

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