Levi Johnston's Quickie Marriage for Baby Is Destined to Fail


Levi JohnstonLevi Johnston is probably most famous for fathering Tripp, the 4-year-old son of Bristol Palin and the grandson of once vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. At the time, he sort of quickly became a laughingstock for his rugged good looks, Playgirl spread, and seeming inability to grasp his own worth.

Now Levi is a dad again. His daughter Breeze Beretta was born in September and now he can also add "husband" to his resume. The man whose prowess and fertility have made him a legend is now the wedded hubby of Sunny Oglesby. Anyone want to take bets on how long they last?

I hate to be a cynic (not really), but a marriage that is largely based on a baby isn't really a marriage that has a high likelihood of lasting.


One of the worst things people do when they get pregnant out of wedlock is assume that means they need to marry. By all means, get married if you wanted to anyway. But don't do it BECAUSE of a baby.

The fact is, babies stress even the best marriages. My husband and I had been married almost four years (and together for six) before we had our first child, and there is no doubt our daughter changed things. Ultimately, she strengthened us and made us happier, but it took some time to get there. It wasn't immediate and we'd had years and years of practice and love to get there.

The first year of a marriage should be spent learning about one another, traveling together, getting to know quirks. The relationship IS the foundation of the family, so making that strong is key.

Obviously this isn't always possible. Things happen. Birth control fails. But in that case, don't marry because of the baby. Marry because you want to be together. Marry because you love each other. Otherwise, don't marry at all.

I have known men who chose to marry their "baby mamas," and it usually meant a few years of misery and fighting before the inevitable, messy divorce.

So, good luck to Levi. I hope he is telling the truth that he is "in love" and that he married for love. But I am not holding my breath.

Do you think people should marry for the babies?


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