Tom Cruise's 'Drunk' Neighbor Arrested & Tasered -- There Goes the Neighborhood!

Tom CruisePoor Tom Cruise. You can almost feel sorry for him -- well, as much as one can feel sorry for a megamillionaire movie star. He and Katie Holmes got divorced this year. He's been raked over the coals in the press. He reportedly lost faith in Scientology. He filed a $50 million lawsuit against a magazine for saying he "abandoned" Suri. And now a neighbor breaks into his property. Reports say the man, identified as Jason Sullivan, is a neighbor of Tom's who jumped his fence in a "drunken fit" and was tasered by Tom's security team.


It all sounds like something out of an action flick -- but Tom's security is the hero, not Tom, who was not home when it happened. Police say that the man, who was reportedly "intoxicated" at the time, jumped a fence on Cruise's property and was quickly stun gunned by a security guard.

Police think the neighbor may have gotten confused and entered Cruise's property instead of his own, but really? How many people have to jump a fence to enter their own home?

You'd think Cruise, whose ginormous mansion in Beverly Hills has a pool, tennis court, guest homes, and is surrounded by lots of lush foliage, would be safe from the redneck next store. Seriously, look at this home! The neighbor, provided he owns the home, must be just as rich.

And yet he somehow got drunk enough to stumble through the greenery surrounding Cruise's property and hop a fence, thinking he was somehow entering his own property, which he normally enters through a tight security gate? Not that rich people don't get blinding drunk, but ... I dunno. Sounds a bit bizarre to me. Maybe the guy was desperate for a Scientology audit.

The man was reportedly taken to a hospital for injuries sustained after being tasered and was arrested for trespassing. Gotta wonder what this dude was imbibing.

Do you think the neighbor thought the property was his?


Image via Kballard/Flickr

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