Kim Kardashian's Blond Halloween Wig Was Embarrassingly Expensive

kim kardashian mermaidForget Hurricane Sandy, Kim Kardashian's Halloween costume is what's up right now. Over the weekend, the female half of Kimye donned a sexy, sparkly Daryl Hannah/Splash-inspired mermaid get-up to the Midori Green Halloween party. Cute! But what wasn't so cute was how much that blond wig cost. If you guessed $1,000, you are way under, friend.


Double it. That's right, Kim's wig cost $2,000. Two-grand! Two-zero-zero-zero. I know she has millions of dollars to spend on all things shiny and sparkly, but come on. This is embarrassing. This is a Halloween costume. She's going to wear this wig once, and then that's that. There are people who would kill to have $2,000 a month, so they could ... eat or keep their apartment.

But Kim's not the only celeb -- or "regular person" -- in Halloween history who's spent a fortune on their costume. Other stars have dropped crazy cash in the past, as well. See any of Heidi Klum's costumes. Or Alexa Chung's Marie Antoinette. Or P. Diddy's gladiator costume. Or Tori Spelling's peacock costume. And the super elaborate, super pricey costumes don't stop there. Check out these three ridiculously expensive Halloween duds:


This here Batgirl costume will set you back $400. It's cool, but I mean ... seriously?

storm trooper

This Storm Trooper costume will cost you $1,000. AKA half of Kim's wig.

superman costume

And this Superman situation -- sorry, Collector's Superman situation -- will cost you $1,134.

Still. None as much as Kim's wig, though.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Image via Splash

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