Mila Kunis's 'Baby Bump' Means She Could Be Pregnant! (Or Something)

Mila KunisWith all of the bad news we've had lately, let's share what might be some good news. Well, unless you're Demi Moore. Then this news might be a tad shocking, to say the least. The Daily Mail is reporting speculating that Mila Kunis could be pregnant -- with none other than Ashton Kutcher's baby! Tah-dah!! Of course, they are basing this on something less than scientific. In fact, this could be less a pregnancy than a downright insult. You be the judge.


Mila and Ashton were photographed taking a stroll together, with Mila holding an iced coffee and sporting what looks to be -- maybe -- possibly -- a baby bump??!! Or, you know, a big pasta dinner from the night before. Either or.

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Mila and Ashton have been dating for several months now, and after several vociferous denials about it. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Ashton is, of course, embroiled in a divorce with Demi Moore. That is, if they're even really married. Either or.

Certainly in these photos Mila's stomach is looking a tad, shall we say, bumpish? Then again, without the magic of Photoshop, it's not unheard of for a celebrity to pack a little around the middle. I know, crazy, right??!!

But if there is a little Kutcher in the hootcher, that would be some news, eh? In fact, a "source" (apply caveat) was quoted in Star mag as saying:

Ashton feels his biological clock ticking -- he’s wanted kids for years but he and Demi Moore didn’t have luck conceiving, most likely because of her age. And he’s on a campaign to get Mila to agree to be a mom, he’s reminded her that he’s had plenty of father practice with Demi’s three daughters.

Uh, if this is true, let's hope that this time Ashton takes his daddy duties a little more seriously than he did with Demi's kids -- after all, cheating on the mama isn't exactly on the "practice list" so far as I'm aware of.

Do you think Mila looks pregnant?

Image via Jdeeringdavis/Flickr

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