Modern Woman Jessica Biel to Legally Become Jessica Timberlake

Jessica Biel Name Change"Jessica Timberlake" does have a really nice ring to it, strictly speaking from another person who acquired a six-syllable name after marriage. Six syllable names rule. They sound important. People tend to remember them more, probably because it takes so much longer to say them, giving the brain more time to absorb them.

Jessica Biel is right when she said that she "won the jackpot of names" by marrying Justin and wanting to legally change her name. Besides, it's so much nicer to dwell on something so sweet and weddingly as this and not that tasteless homeless video scandal that promised to taint the whole event. Unless, of course, you get the feminists involved who will say MS. BIEL is setting our kind back centuries. Stay tuned for that.


Taking your husband's name does nothing of the sort. But it is an old-fashioned notion these days among the Hollywood set. It's kind of refreshing to hear Jessica is excited to reinforce her commitment to Justin. Not that you need to change your name to prove your commitment -- oh no, not saying that.

But I still think more regular (non-celeb) women today either change their name or add their husband's last name on to their current one than don't, and it kinda helps me see Jessica and Justin's union as something a little different from the usual Hollywood paring that you start placing bets on as soons as the rice is in the air.

Sounds like Jessica is still going to keep her four-syllable name for professional purposes. She's a brand, after all, so that's a smart move.

I just hope that Jessica thinks about Demi Moore aka the former @MrsKutcher when she considers whether or not she should also change her Twitter handle: @JessicaBiel. When it comes to social media, some things should never change.

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