'The Walking Dead' Preview: Michonne's Zombie Slaves Have Shocking Secret (VIDEO)

walking deadPhew! Well, the end of last week's episode of The Walking Dead was a big ... oh, YOU DIDN'T WATCH?! Fine. I'll wait until after the jump to talk about how incredibly something-ed I was when something happened. Okay? Just for you. Because I'm a nice person, sort of. Anyway, what everybody's dying to find out on tonight's episode has nothing to do with that other thing, so let's just dive right into the burning question of the day which is: "What is UP with Michonne's creepy zombie slaves?!"


Well -- SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT -- fans of the comics know that the Katana-wielding Michonne isn't dragging around two arm-less, jaw-less zombies on chains cause they're pretty to look at. There are two reasons, one very practical (which you'd expect from Michonne) and one very sentimental (which you wouldn't): On the practical side, having two zombie escorts with her all the time masks her own human scent, keeping unchained walkers away; Michonne is also emotionally attached -- before they were turned, one of the slaves was her boyfriend and the other was a good friend.

Can't wait to see how all this plays out on screen!! Oh, and about that other thing: How incredibly relieved were you when Hershel opened his eyes?! Phew!

What do you think about Michonne's zombie slaves?


Image via ashbanner10/YouTube

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