Lil Wayne Seizure Scare Has Us All a Lil Worried

lil wayneI don't know about y'all, but I'm getting a Lil Worried about Lil Wayne. The rapper suffered from two seizures in 24 hours -- both of which, oddly, happened on airplanes. Like, mid-flight. Yikes!

The first time Weezy was on his way to LAX from Texas when he started to convulse and the plane was diverted to Louisiana, where he was treated at a hospital and released. The same thing happened the next time he tried to leave Texas (he was treated in a Texas hospital).

Lil Wayne's rep says the seizures were a result of dehydration and migraine headaches. Which, um, could totally be the truth.



Because seizures can be caused by all sorts of things. I think.

Really, I looked it up. Here are some things that can make a person have seizures:

A rapidly increasing fever

Low blood sugar levels in people with diabetes

Brain damage

Brain tumors

Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs

Infections such as meningitis

Parasitic infections such as tapeworm

Okay, so I don't see migraines or dehydration on that list, exactly. BUT that doesn't necessarily mean that Lil Wayne is having seizures because he's drugged out of his head or went on a purple drank bender. We can't just assume that. The man could have a tapeworm, people!! Or maybe he's developed some sort of neurological disorder triggered by changes in cabin pressure. Maybe these are airplane-only seizures. We just don't know.

But whatever's making Lil Wayne sick, we hope he gets well soon! It's not like anybody can take his place while he's under the weather -- dude is one of a kind.

Why do you think Lil Wayne is having seizures?


Image via sportiqe/Flickr

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