Hilarious Headless Magician Prank Will Knock Your Block Off (VIDEO)

Rich FergusonSo, hey guys, gather 'round the campfire, have you heard of this magician named Rich Ferguson? Because he's a badass. And he loves going around pranking people in honor of Halloween. 'Tis the season, right?

His latest stunt is simply awesome -- and I have no idea how he does it. Is there some mechanism involved? Dude is somehow super flexible? He was born with no spine? I also love how he waddles toward these unsuspecting folks while holding his head too. If I saw him and had no idea what was coming, I'd freak the hell out too!

Somehow Rich is able to literally remove his "head" from his "body," as it falls off when he sneezes. And in a chorus of "Oh my God!"s and "Holy sh*t!"s follows every time he pulls it off. Like probably many of you, I know nothing about these so called "head drop tricks" ... so if you have any idea how it's done, inquiring minds really want to know!


Here you go!

I mean, right? How the hell does it he do it? And, side note ... is that a wall of gum? That's probably also one of the nastiest things I've ever seen! Anyway, back to the head-falling-off guy: I think my favorite reaction is from all the kids at the very end. I definitely heard a "Holy f**k!" somewhere in there.

Pretty awesome trick, kudos, dude. Hopefully this little ray of fun will inspire you to pull a couple creepy pranks at your next Halloween party. Have a happy Halloween weekend!

Have you seen any other cool magic tricks in honor of Halloween? How do you think this one is done?


Image via ucmagic/YouTube

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