'Jersey Shore' Deena Cortese Reveals Some Very Grown-Up Plans

Deena CorteseDeena Nicole Cortese of Jersey Shore fame is moving in with new boyfriend Chris Buckner soon, she tells Wetpaint in a recent interview, which means one thing: all those Jersey Shore girls are growing up fast.

We have an engaged JWoww, an engaged-with-baby Snooki, and now Deena, too. And Sammi Sweetheart, last I heard, was also settling down (with good old Ronnie). What about the boys, though?

Sadly, it doesn't seem like the boys are faring as well. But you know, it always takes men longer. As for Deena, I hope this is it for her and she gets happy and settled.


It will be very interesting in a decade or so to see what happens to these women. We know Snooki will be the mother of a 10-year-old. I wonder if he will want to see his mom and dad, wandering Florence in a huge fight after his mother danced with her skirt around her waist in a crowded club.

The fact is, there is video -- many, many hours of video -- of these people acting like complete buffoons. Now, granted, the large majority of us did crazy things in our 20s, too. We just didn't have a video camera getting it all on film.

So what will that mean for their future? It's hard to say. But they will be in good company. There are going to be a whole lot of reality stars who end up in this position.

When I think of my own parents and how I would feel if I had that kind of footage, I kind of like it. I would love to see them when they were younger, acting crazy. Sure, some of it might make me roll my eyes. But it might also humanize them and be a great snapshot of who they once were before they became mom and dad.

Of course, I could also have used it as ammo against them back when I was a kid and they said no to me. That would have been a pretty nice thing to have in my back pocket, too.

But mostly, it would be out of love. Congratulations to Deena! She deserves to be happy!

Do you think this will last for her?


Image via MTV

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