Meat Loaf Demolishes 'America the Beautiful' & It's Perfect for Romney's Campaign (VIDEO)

meat loafCan I just say? It was an excellent idea to have Meat Loaf sing "America the Beautiful" at a Romney campaign rally. I think Mitts really dug it! Because no one sings "America the Beautiful" quite the way Meat Loaf sings it, no one. He definitely put his own spin on the classic. No one needs to feel ashamed over this spectacle. Really!

I mean, how many times can we hear Lee Greenwood's tasteful, earnest "Proud to Be an American" -- honestly? And with other artists yanking permission for Romney to use their songs at his rallies, he's got to take whoever he can get. Meat Loaf's experimental and passionate vocal stylings are a perfect rendition of the excesses of this campaign.



Yeah, that was a disaster. He totally mauled that song. In fact, I hear that song is in critical condition in an ER somewhere in Ohio right now, just barely clinging to life. Also? Romney will do to America what Meat Loaf just did to this song. (I guess that was the obvious thing to say, but still needs to be said.)

I love how Romney distances himself from Meat Loaf -- physically. Out of concern, or confusion, or ... maybe because he hadn't gotten the poll results back over how voters were going to feel about Meat Loaf's endorsement. But wow, this performance. It's like Chris Farley came back to life and possessed Meat Loaf's body just for Halloween! 

OH GO AHEAD, BROTHER! And while we're at it, this is from Meat Loaf's ringing endorsement: "The man needs to understand Putin and Russia, so I want you to know that there is one man who will stand tall in this country and fight the storm and bring the United States back to what it should be -- Gov. Mitt Romney!" As someone once said, "The 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back." Well with Meat Loaf by Romney's side, it's the '80s all over again! 

Of course, McCranky John McCain was NOT AMUSED and said Meat Loaf was a bad choice. And he should know all about bad choices. But really, all Meat Loaf did was offer up to Americans a musical interpretation of Mitt Romney's soul -- and his campaign. Especially following his endorsement of Richard "Rape Is God's Will" Murdoch, Meat Loaf killing it at a Romney rally is exactly what this candidate deserves.

Do you think Meat Loaf's endorsement of Mitt Romney helps or hurts the campaign?


Image via TMZ

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