Tom Hanks’ Halloween Costume Advice for Kids Is Self-Indulgent & Hilarious (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks HalloweenTom Hanks is just killin' it these days. Coming out with an epic movie like Cloud Atlas, an actor's dream role, and then reminding all of us he still has a comedic side with slam poetry and "drunk" pictures. No wonder he wants to let loose, he plays six demanding roles in Cloud Atlas. But the latest and greatest? Hanks on Colbert Report. And the end result is amazing -- some very practical, self-indulgent Halloween costume advice straight from Hanks.

The best part about him starring in a new movie is that we get to see his awesome and funny personality shine through on the requisite late night talk show guest spots he has to do. You even get an incredible, side-splitting cameo at the very end. Trust me, folks, it's as good as it gets.


Here's the "Spooky-Time Halloween Fun Guide":


Hope you stuck around for the end! Gotta love Matt Damon. But seriously, isn't Tom (and of course Matt, heckling Argo, that's freakin' hilarious) the kind of guy you'd really like to invite over for dinner? Of course you'll soon come to realize that all the kids are dressed up as iconic Tom Hanks characters. What a great group costume idea to dress up as folks Tom Hanks has played ... as long as you have a shit ton of friends.

Almost as good as Toddlers & Tiaras Tom Hanks style, isn't it? Is there anything this guy can't do? I simply can't get enough of him. More importantly, does he really care about the children, all of whom are great sports in this clip? "Yeah, sure, why not!" he answered. As he should, as one of the kids so aptly puts it:

"I smell Oscar buzz!"

Are you planning on seeing Cloud Atlas? How much do you love Tom Hanks?


Image via Comedy Central

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