Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy's Breakup May Only Be a 'Break'

taylor swiftYesterday, we heard Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy called it quits "a while ago." A friend of Taylor's told Us Weekly: "It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They're fine." But today, rumors are swirling that their summer lovin' is only on hiatus until Taylor's done promoting Red and Conor is free from school (aww, cuz he's only 18!). Yup, their "breakup" is actually starting to look a lot like Ross and Rachel's ...

A source close to Conor told HollywoodLife.com: "It's more of a break than a breakup. I would not be surprised at all if they get back together. They are just very busy with what they are doing in their own lives." Innnnteresting. A break, eh? What does that even mean? Is it just a matter of semantics or is there an actual difference?


I tend to believe the latter. Sure, there are people who use the idea of a "break" as an excuse ... They just don't have the guts to tell the other person what they really want and saying, "Let's take a break" as a way to end the relationship with a softer blow ... the easy way out. (Although, it's really not as easy as you might think if it just ends up dragging the breakup out in an even longer, more painful way ...) But if you're both legitimately wanting nothing more than a "break," and getting back together in the future isn't off the table, break could be to breakup as a trial separation is to a divorce. Ultimately, with a "break," you're not disqualifying the possibility of reuniting at some point.

Then again, miscommunication can easily rear its ugly head during a "break." (Anyone else remember Ross and Rachel?!) Unless the rules are laid out and set in stone, it's easy for one person to think one thing, the other to think another, multiple definitions of "cheating" to come into play, etc. Ack!

Let's just say, break or breakup, there's no telling how this "love story" might end up for Taylor and Conor. Exactly zero people will be surprised if he ends up the the target of a future frustrated love song!

Check out this clip for more details on the split ...

Do you believe there is really a difference between going on a break and breaking up?

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