Axl Rose Comes Out of Hiding Only to Get Slammed by Slash's Wife (VIDEO)

axl roseEveryone get out your bandanna and do your best snakey dance behind a mic stand thing, because Axl Rose is back. The 50-year-old (50!!!!) rocker went on Jimmy Kimmel last night to talk about chili burgers, Guns 'N Roses' upcoming residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas, and his finest Halloween memories. Aw.

But before you go thinking this one was a drama free interview, think again. The famously diva-ish rock star, who shunned his band mates when GNR was inducted into the Hall of Fame early this year, may not have had anything bad to say about Slash ... but Slash's wife sure had some mean things to say about Axl. Here's what happened.


After Slash's wife Perla Hudson saw Axl on Jimmy Kimmel, she evidently called up Us Weekly to publicly share her disappointment. She said:

I was waiting for something enlightening and all I got was promotion for a show and his evident affinity for a chili burger. Where is the love Axl?

After Axl named his new band mates -- keyboardist Dizzy Reed is the only original member in the current lineup -- Perla went on to imply that the newbies will eventually leave him, too, since no one can tolerate his temperamental attitude. Then she basically called him fat.

Ah, rockstars. So cool, so rich, so childish. However, I gotta say, I love the drama. No band ever becomes historic by playing nicely with one another. The more controversy, the better. 

Because, listen -- how else do you expect to sell out Madison Square Garden when you're 50 than with a reunion tour featuring the original band? The more time they go arguing like tweens, the more chance they have at a geriatric comeback.

What do you think?



Photo via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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