Teresa Giudice Wants Joe Gorga to Look Like the Bad Guy So Badly It Hurts

teresa giudice joe gorgaIt's sad, but I guess it was bound to happen. Reports have surfaced, claiming Joe Gorga has cut off all communication with Teresa Giudice's kids. (Yes, his nieces.) If you saw The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, you know that -- duuude -- things did not end on a high note. It's just about the least surprising thing in the world to hear that Teresa and her brother aren't talking. But the fact that it's bled into the lives of their children? Majorly sad.

But let's not go attacking Joey G. just yet.


The report that "surfaced" came directly from Teresa's mouth. When was asked in an interview recently if her brother talks to her daughters, she responded with: "No, he does not." Messed-up indeed, friends, but I seriously doubt Teresa is banging down Joe and Melissa's door, trying to see their kids.

I really don't think that in the history of reality TV there's ever been a family so destroyed by fame. On one hand, I feel like Bravo should fire Teresa as a castmember, because the show has clearly had terrible effects on her. On the other, I can't wait for next season!

It's easy for people to get annoyed with Joe Gorga when they hear that he's not talking to Teresa's children. But like I said, Teresa's probably not talking to his -- and, hey, he's not the one giving interviews.

Do you think Teresa should quit reality TV?

Image via Bravo

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