Robert Pattinson Has 'Trust Issues' With Kristen Stewart -- DUH! (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonFrom the looks of Kristen Stewart's smiley exterior, it may seem like everything's back to normal for her and Robert Pattinson. But HA! Don't let looks deceive you. Just three months after the news that she cheated with Rupert Sanders rocked Twilight fans' worlds, an insider is telling People that the duo is still dealing with "trust issues."

Well, DUH. It's not exactly easy to just go back to normal after a betrayal of trust like this. Especially when emotions are high, tears are abundant, and heck -- you have millions of fans criticising your personal life. And although I may not be the head of the Kristen Stewart fan club, I really think they can make it through this.


Whatever way you look at it -- cheating sucks. If you've ever been cheated on, you definitely know. You wonder: How could someone you love so much be intimate with another person? Often times, it's just one indiscretion. Maybe it's made under the influence. Maybe it's made during a time of weakness. And while it's never "OK," per se, that doesn't mean that after the fact a relationship is 100 percent ruined all of the time. Most notably, when a couple has been together for a long, long time.

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When you've been together for as long as Kristen and Rob have, you've been through a lot. Sure, it's all situational, but a couple with that sort of longevity knows a lot about one another. It's not always so easy just to walk away. Sure, Kristen has to prove to Rob that she REALLY wants to be in this relationship and that she isn't going anywhere. Another "Rupert episode" and it's over. However, if he can learn to trust her again, then who knows -- maybe one day she'll be Mrs. Pattinson.

Do you think Robert and Kristen will make it through all of this?

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