Kim Kardashian's Weight Loss Plan Is Obviously Working (VIDEO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian has never been shy about showing off her body. The 32-year-old reality star also isn't shy about her desire to lose a few pounds, either. She tweeted earlier this month that she has the same amount of weight to lose as her sister Kourtney, who, as every pop-culture fiend knows, just had a baby girl a few months ago.

Now, it would seem, all Kim's morning workouts and her use of diet pills have paid off. Just look at this pic she posted -- lookin' good, Kimmie. So how, exactly, did she do it?


After supposedly gaining around 15 pounds by eating out with new boyfriend Kanye West, Kim decided to slim down by eating less sugar and going gluten free, working out a lot, and taking those under-investigation diet pills from QuickTrim.

While I'm not on board with swallowing laxatives (that's basically what QuickTrim is), I do think diet and exercise are the key to losing weight. Shocking, I know.

Kim posed for the selfy twit pic in a sports bra and sweatpants, and yeah, her stomach looks pretty damn flat. Now that she's perhaps reached her weight loss goal, maybe she'll have more time to focus on other things, like pink diamonds and kittens.

What do you think of Kim's bod?

Photo via Kim Kardashian/Twitter

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