Jennie Garth Goes on a Date With an Average, Ordinary, Regular, Normal Dude! (PHOTO)

jennie garthJennie & JasonI started rooting for Kelly Taylor back when she was just a floral bike short wearing teen, and now that she's all grown up, and 90210 is far behind us, it's genuinely great to see Jennie Garth enjoying life. I'm serious! I feel like I know Jennie; I feel like she's the blond California cousin I never had. That's why I'm psyched to report that Ms. Garth went on a date last night with Jason Clark. I think he's exactly the kind of person my Jennie should be seeing.

Not sure who Jason Clark is?


Don't worry, no one is, really. And that's a good thing.

According to Us Weekly, Jason is a "managing director of healthcare solutions at Jones Lang LaSalle in L.A."

As far as I know, "managing director of healthcare solutions" isn't code for actor, singer, nor TV personality. It sounds like Jason's a regular old layman, like the rest of us, and I dig it. If I know Jennie as well as I think I do, I bet she's had it up to here with those Hollywood types and isn't really looking to rush into anything with an actor since, after being with Peter Facinelli for over a decade, she knows just how temperamental they can be. Not to make sweeping generalizations or anything.

Since her divorce, Jennie's been linked loosely to HGTV host Antonio Ballatore and photographer Noah Abrams, but now, it would seem, the 40-year-old mother of three is exploring the waters outside of the spotlight.

In case Jennie was looking for approval from one of her biggest fans (I mean, I watched her reality show on CMT, for crying out loud), she's totally got it.



Photo via Pacific Coast News

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