Kristen Stewart Can’t Feel Guilty About Cheating on Rob Forever

kristen stewart robert pattinsonIn today's Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart news, we'll dive into the rumor that alleges KStew is doing anything she can to get RPattz back. Now, I know, I thought they were sort of officially back together, as well, but from the sounds of this source, they're seeing each other, but they're not together together, and won't be, that is, until Kristen proves to Rob that she's worthy again of his love.

And to show him she's serious, she's reportedly agreed to individual and couples therapy, to stop hanging out with her guy friends, and to take a lie detector test. 


Say what? Listen, I understand the therapy part big time, and I can even tolerate the idea of KStew cutting off some of her potentially toxic friendships, but a polygraph? That's going too far.

Apparently, Kristen's willing to do it if it'll help her and Rob get back to where they used to be. But that's just the thing -- their relationship will never be the same. The one they had for a few years before Kristen and Rupert got it on is in the past. Any relationship she and Robert have going forward will have to be a completely new one. Whatever happened has to be forgiven before they can move on.

And it doesn't sound like RPattz is really on the forgiving train with this lie detector test. If he doesn't believe her, or trust what she says, that's an issue, and no polygraph is going to put his suspicions to rest.

On the other hand, as badly as Kristen wants to get back with Rob, she shouldn't lose herself in the process. If he's demanding she do all sorts of things to "make it up to him", then she needs to ask herself if this relationship is really worth saving. It is expected that she bend herself a little to show Rob she's sorry, but she can't break herself.

That concludes today's edition of the KStew/RPattz getting back together saga.

How far have you gone to prove to someone you're sorry?


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