Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Split: Did Her U-Haul Plan Scare Him Off?

taylor swiftSummer lovin' had me a blast, summer lovin' happened so fast ... Well that was quick. Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have broken up. Already! It was just a summer fling, after all. A friend of Taylor's tells Us Weekly, "They quietly parted ways a while ago. It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They're fine."

Of course, that makes sense, what with Taylor's busy career and all. Except -- WHAT ABOUT THE HOUSE SHE JUST BOUGHT ACROSS FROM THE KENNEDY COMPOUND? Oh Em Gee, is that why she and Conor broke up? Did she scare Conor away? Was it too much, too soon?


Taylor's friend is spinning it like she's just too busy to maintain a career and a boyfriend. "It's been over a month since they've even seen each other. With her promotion for Red, she has no time off until the end of the year." I mean, when I first heard the news, I even assumed Taylor was the one to dump Conor.

But then when you factor in Conor's age -- 18, folks! -- and moving in on the family compound, practically, it starts looking like maybe Conor broke up with her. After all, he's just a kid! A Kennedy boy, which means he has a LOT of playing around to do before he settles down with anyone. And she's buying a house across the street from Grandma Ethyl? That looks so serious.

Summer vacations at the Cape are gonna be super awk from now on. Poor Taylor. Oh well, maybe there's some other Kennedy cousins who are closer to the "ready to settle down" age bracket. At any rate, can't wait to hear the followup album to this breakup.

Do you think buying that house across from the Kennedy compound doomed Taylor's relationship with Conor?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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