Rapper Lil Reese’s Girl Beating Video Should Get Him Boycotted

lil reese beats girlRapper Lil Reese has been behaving badly and -- shocker -- doesn't seem to give a damn what anyone thinks. Classy, Lil. Real classy. The cellphone video, which was just released, shows a verbal argument getting physical as Lil Reese punches a young girl, knocks her to the ground, and begins kicking her as she screams.

It looks like this disturbing incident takes place inside a house, possibly the young girl's home, as she asks who let Lil Reese and his entourage inside. Honestly, there is no way to paint Lil in a positive light. That doesn't mean he won't try, though! Check out his Twitter response. Jerk.

Warning, this video is disturbing.


Yeah, so Lil Reese is saying this video is old, and so what? Or in his incredibly incoherent words: "The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum shit from years ago damnn we winnin it's 2 late...#3hunna"

If you can't interpret that mess, Lil Reese thinks people who are releasing this incredible act of violence are "bored" because they're just "haters." Bullshit. Own up to what you did, Reese, and make it right. Otherwise, everyone needs to turn their back on this thug.

Of course what is especially disgusting about this whole incident is the support Lil Reese is getting in light of his brutal beating of a young girl. Just like Team Breezy, fans and peers just want to line up to defend a man who beats down a woman.

What is wrong with people? And what will it take for people to condemn horrible behavior instead of standing up for someone because he has a smidgen (or in the case of Chris Brown -- a ton) of fame? It's time to not only stop buying the music of people who decide to physically harm other people, but to speak out as well.

What do you think?


Image via pasukaru76/Flickr

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