'The Houstons' Recap: Bobbi Kristina Is More Troubled Than We Thought

bobbi kristina brown

You certainly don't have to be a fan of the late Whitney Houston to feel bad for her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Every mom's heart should go out to this clearly lost child. The debut of the family's new Lifetime reality series, The Houstons: On Our Own, revealed the 19-year-old is on a scary downward spiral and there's nothing her family can do about it. 


The first problem is her supposed fiance. No one likes it. When Krissi (as her family calls her) showed off her engagement ring, her aunt Pat quipped, "You must purchase a ring. Not a ring that was given to her by her mom."

There have certainly been a lot of headlines about her hooking up with "adopted" brother Nick Gordon. First off, I should say the couple clears up any confusion about the nature of their relationship. It seems they were friends from school, and when Nick's mom booted him out of the house, Whitney took him in to the objection of many of those around her. Nevertheless, it's not as though the two grew up like siblings or even cousins. A fact that takes the seedy edge off the romance.

What is troubling is the influence Nick obviously has over the girl. When he wants to leave, she leaves. When he doesn't want to go somewhere, she bails on her commitment to show up. At a time when she should be relying on her Aunt Pat, Uncle Gary, and Grandma Cissy, Nick is the only one she seems to listen to. It's clear he cares about her, but there is no way he knows what's best for the emotionally fragile teen who happens to be sitting on a ton of inherited cash.

An even bigger issue? Her drinking. She's only 19 and well below the legal age, but that doesn't stop her. "I have my suspicions about her drinking because in the past I know her mother would allow her to have a glass of wine or champagne, but I don't want her to deal withe her mother's passing in the wrong way," lamented Pat. Looks like it may be too late. Given her parents' substance-abuse history, coupled with all she's going through, the family is understandably concerned about the drinking becoming a problem. I guess we'll have to watch and see.

How do you think Bobbi Kristina is coping?


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