Kim Kardashian Flashes Huge Diamond Ring & It Can Only Mean One Thing!

Kim KardashianOhhhhh, could this be it?! As rumors of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's engagement swirl, Kim finally gave us a clue and flashed a big old diamond ring.

Oh yes, it's true. Check it out in the picture here (or on E! where they've zoomed in on it). It's not on her ring finger nor on her left hand, but it's there on her right pinkie, and it's big and sparkly. Of course, there's only one thing that can mean!


It means she's totally playing with us.

Maybe Kanye put a ring on it (and she moved it) or maybe he didn't. That ring begs a million questions, and oh how she loves to see us begging. First there was the white lace wedding dress she donned while strolling through Italy with Kanye, which of course made us wonder if there was a secret wedding.

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Not to mention there are hints being dropped by his friends that Kanye is ready to pop the question. A "source" recently told Radar Online

It’s only a matter of time before Kanye pops the question. They are madly in love with one another and as far as Kanye is concerned he wants to spend the rest of his life with Kim. It’s just a case of making sure the ring is perfect because she’s his princess.

So is this the ring that was perfect enough for a princess? Kim certainly wants us to ask, or she wouldn't be wearing it, plain and simple. If she was trying to keep their engagement or marriage under wraps, she's been in the spotlight long enough to know that someone would see it if she wore it. And if she wants people to know, she's certainly media savvy and publicity hungry enough that she wouldn't let the cat out of the bag in such an anticlimactic way. Kris Jenner would never allow that to happen.

So I think the ring is no thing -- probably just something planned to keep us guessing and them in spotlight. And that's exactly what it's doing. As for if they'll ever get engaged, I don't know.  It seems inevitable ... or maybe they just want us to think it's inevitable. These Kardashians are tricky, I tell you. Personally, I would at least like to see her divorce Kris Humphries before she Kimye makes anything official. Details, you know.

Do you think Kim sporting this ring means anything?


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