Bobby Brown Arrested for DUI Again After Night of Karaoke (VIDEO)

Bobby BrownLast month when Bobby Brown checked himself out after just two weeks of rehab, we worried it wasn't long enough, that he hadn't had enough time to get the help he so obviously needed. News that he was arrested early this morning on DUI charges AGAIN sadly shows just how justified those worries were.

According to People, the singer and ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston, was arrested early this morning after an officer stopped him for erratic driving and detected "a strong scent of alcohol." He was "booked on suspicion of driving under the influence and later released on bond."

Sadly, I don't know that anyone can say it's all that shocking.


It's been a rough year for Brown. In March he was also arrested for DUI, which makes this one two in seven months. Then there was Houston's death and the chaos surrounding that. And of course, there were years of drug and alcohol abuse before that.

According to TMZ, this time before he got in the car he was singing up a storm Karaoke style at a dive bar in Los Angeles. That alone sounds like a desperate cry for help, but then he had to go and get behind the wheel again.

It's hard to understand how celebrities who have plenty of money for cabs and drivers would ever consider driving a car when they're under the influence. But it's also difficult to understand addiction and the demons they may possess.

With his marriage to Alicia Etheridge in June and the stint in rehab -- no matter how short -- there was at least some hope that he would turn a corner and realize he can't go on living the way he has for so long. If not for his own sake, for that of his daughter Bobbi Kristina's sake, we were rooting for him.

This recent arrest shows he needs more than just people rooting for him; he needs serious help more than ever. Hopefully he'll get it soon, because the last thing his daughter needs to is to lose him too.

Are you surprised to learn that Bobby Brown has been arrested for DUI again?

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