Britney Spears' Dad Punched Her Ex-Manager & This Trial Is Officially Nuts

Britney SpearsMan, I'm feeling seriously bad for Britney Spears these days. I mean, after four years of being on good behavior and an admirable comeback, it's got to be a special kind of hell to have every salacious detail of her epic meltdown made public once again, thanks to the ongoing court case between her former manager Sam Lufti and her parents. First we heard about how Lufti said her infamous head-shaving episode was done to cover a crystal meth addiction, then her own father's legal team testified that she'd been in a downward spiral that started with her 2002 breakup with Justin Timberlake, and now? Well, the latest from Lufti is that right before Britney's second hospitalization, her dad chased Lufti around a kitchen, punched him, and threatened to kill him.

As with everything else in this straight-from-the-tabloids case, it's hard to know who to believe. Or, you know, whether or not Britney's dad did what any desperate parent might have done in that situation.


On the witness stand today, Lufti described a scene that reportedly went down on January 28, 2008. Britney had already been to the hospital once on January 3, and according to Lufti, she was so fearful of her dad she fled the house when she heard he was coming. Jamie Spears arrived at the house and allegedly confronted Lufti:

Jamie came barging into the house. He lunged at me and chased me around the kitchen island. He was spitting, yelling, shouting at me, and said I had hurt his daughter and he was going to beat the hell out of me and I'd better get out of the house.

Lufti says Jamie was ejected by security, but returned early the next morning:

He cornered me in the kitchen, punched me in the solar plexus and threatened to kill me. 

Lufit's team went on to show several videos, including one of Britney talking in a British accent, screaming at Lufti to get out of her car, and another that showed Britney sitting on the sidewalk with her dog, sobbing, "I'm so fine ... I'm just sitting here having a nice time with my dog," as she was photographed by a crowd of paparazzi.

Speaking of crying, Lufti apparently also wept dramatically during his testimony today, saying that after Lynne Spears' book came out, he was "depressed, anxious, and suicidal."

Dude, I don't even know about all this craziness. It sure seems like Britney was completely out of her head back into those days, and I don't think all of that can be completely blamed on Sam Lufti. Then again, he did come off like a controlling sleazebag, and I can totally see how Britney's dad -- freaking out with concern for his daughter -- might have attacked him on that night. (Jamie's team says he never physically assaulted Lufti, and "merely touched him on the chest.")

You have to remember, this all allegedly happened three days before Britney was strapped to a gurney and rushed to UCLA Medical Center for her second involuntary psychiatric commitment. I imagine that everyone close to Britney has a very confused memory of what exactly went down during that time.

Honestly, I'm inclined to think the truth lies somewhere in between what Lufti is saying and what Lynn Spears has already said. However this case ends, the real bummer is for Britney, who might've thrown a bunch of money at Lufti to make this go away ... if, that is, she wasn't still under a court-managed conservatorship.

What's your take on the latest in the Lufti/Spears trial? Do you think Lufti is full of it, or not?

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