Tom Hanks' Hilarious 'Full House' Poem Is Every '90s Kid's Dream Come True (VIDEO)

tom hanksTom Hanks may be such an amazing actor that he made us burst into tears when a volleyball floated away, but don't get it twisted -- the man's just as funny as he is serious. Mr. Hanks went on Jimmy Fallon last night sporting a black turtleneck and a mustache Tom Selleck would be jealous of, and recited, aloud, from memory, a piece of slam poetry about everyone's favorite '90s sitcom, Full House.

It's as ridiculously fun as it sounds. Tom weaves in all our favorite Full House phrases ("watch the hair, huh!"; "how rude!"; and "you got it dude!") while telling the tale of three girls raised by three men trying to be three boys. If you ever wondered what happened to predictability, the milkman, the paper boy, and even MTV, then you gotta see this.



I hope this is the first to come in a series of A-listers slamming about our childhood TV shows. Next up, could we please have Joaquin Phoenix recite a poem about what the hell happened to middle daughter Julie on Family Matters? I also wouldn't mind seeing Sean Penn's poem about how small the basketball court was on Hang Time. I feel like it was an allusion to the short-comings women faced due to gender stereotypes. <Coffee house snaps.>

Love this Tom Hanks poem?


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