Lindsay Lohan's Latest Alleged Theft Should Get Her Blacklisted From Hollywood

lindsay lohanQuestion: When will studios stop hiring Lindsay Lohan to star in their movies? She's never good times. Every time she's cast in a film, all we hear about is how she shows up four hours later than she's supposed to -- if at all; how when she does show up, she's reeking of booze and cigs and El Pollo Loco; and how, dude -- she steals shit from the set. Is this not a red flag to anyone?

The latest report is that police magnet Lindsay Lohan has stolen $15,000 worth of clothing from the set of Scary Movie 5. I don't know what's more disconcerting here: The fact that Charlie Sheen was concerned for Lindsay's welfare during shooting, or that they're still making Scary Movies.


According to an insider, Lindsay wasn't happy about having to make fun of herself in her role in Scary Movie -- and she let it be known. The source claims that "even unreliable Charlie Sheen was concerned that Lindsay wouldn't show up." Damn. Things are bad when Charlie Sheen is worried about your unpredictability.

But even more troubling is Lindsay's stealing on set. The insider stated: "The clothes were on her wardrobe racks. Some nice tops and skirts and other items were gone. I guess Lindsay thought she was entitled to it, like free soap at a hotel. All the other actors knew about it, but the producers just put it down to the price you had to pay for doing business with Lindsay."

Really? "The price you had to pay for doing business with Lindsay"? Again, why is anyone hiring her still? It's not like she's some box office juggernaut, or a skilled thespian, or a delightful human being to work with -- enough already. When somebody steals and doesn't show up for work -- repeatedly -- time to get a new actress.

What do you think of Lindsay's never-ending antics?


Image via Hair color2012/Flickr

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