Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 Ad Still Has ‘The Talk’ Hosts Snickering Behind the Scenes

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Me & Mrs. O
Well, I had a super fun time last week on the set of The Talk with Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne (or Mrs. O, as she's affectionately called). A few bloggers were invited to hang out in the front row during the show, do a little live tweeting, and then have lunch with the hosts of this daytime talk show that lets it all hang out. Yes, Brad Pitt was mentioned multiple times. Why wouldn't he be? You've seen this ad, right?

Seriously you guys, I just went to a taping of Dr. Phil and there was not 1/100th of the fun vibe that was offered up on The Talk. Here's what else was going down.


1. They Do Worry About Offending You

Well, maybe not you, exactly, but people they talk about on the air. When I complimented them on their ability to be unfiltered while the cameras are rolling, the ladies were quick to point out that there were consequences. As in, some celebs have PR agents that do not want them to go on a show that is so spontaneous. The hosts do say, however, there is a difference between being mean and what they say about their fellow Hollywood stars. As Sheryl Underwood pointed out, her Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 spoof was filled with love. Filled!

2. The Ladies Do NOT Hang Out

Of course we wanted to know who was buddy-buddy outside of the office. But as Gilbert and Osbourne explained, they're together all the time, any more and they'd be sick of each other. (Note: That was also said with a smile.)

3. But They Do Love Each Other

It was pretty apparent not only on set, but backstage that all of these ladies have a certain amount of love and respect for each other. Unlike other shows (ahem), you don't see these women interrupting each other, trying to get the best joke off, or treating each other with disrespect. Refreshing!

4. Sharon's Got a Secret

About a certain former co-host on another show who gives his headshot out with his phone number to beautiful ladies. But she's not telling who that dude is, on the air at least. I will say this -- the man cannot eat a cheeseburger after a few drinks.

5. They Have Favorites

We got to see Mike & Molly's Billy Gardell on the set with the ladies, and he became a quick favorite. Other favorite guests include John Stamos (especially to Underwood, she can go ON about John Stamos), Allison Janney, Tyler Perry, and the list went on so long that you realize there were a LOT of favorites.

I'm not saying who my favorite host was, as they were all so incredibly welcoming and kind to all of us, but maybe you have one.

Who is your favorite The Talk host?

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