Kristen Stewart's Incredibly Awkward Interview in Japan Is Almost Too Hard to Watch -- Almost (VIDEO)

kristen stewartI cringe right now for Kristen Stewart. I don't know if the studio's trying to get back at her for throwing a wrench in the promotional juggernaut that was her real, off-screen relationship with Robert Pattinson, but gosh darn, it sure seems that way. While RPattz was sent to sunny Australia to soak in some rays and promote Breaking Dawn Part II, Kristen, on the other hand, was sent to cloudy Tokyo where she was forced to be a part of the most awkward interview ever. There was Rob, talking and laughing about Marley & Me down under ... and then there was Kristen, fielding questions in Japanese and made to sit through a really terrible montage that included scenes from Twilight as well as Snow White and the Huntsmen. It's so uncomfortable.


Tell me you're not squirming right along with her -- that shit is awks to the max.

Perhaps a more sociable or "less shy" celebrity might have smiled through the interview, or given a facial clue or two that indicated she was having an OK time, but not Kristen. She's murderously miserable ... and she's not afraid to show it.

Hmm, think those studio execs are laughing their asses off right now? Dude! Remember that time we sent KStew to Tokyo and made her go on a talk show where they didn't speak English?!? Classic.

Classic, indeed.

What do you think of KStew's appearance?


Photo via yashishishi/YouTube

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