Jessica Simpson’s Minister Dad Is Gay and Has a 20-Something Boyfriend, Says ‘Family Friend’

Joe Simpson announces he's gay, pictured here with Jessica Simpson and his wife Tina SimpsonJoe, Jessica, and Tina SimpsonThis morning's major WOW: Allegedly Jessica Simpson's father Joe Simpson is gay. According to The National Enquirer, the 54-year-old father to both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson came out of the closet two months ago. It gets better, though (depending on your definition of the word better). Rumor has it the Baptist minister is dating a 20-year-old youngin'. Eeeesh, that's the cherry on top of the "this has gotta be awkward" sundae, eh?

Joe's wife Tina filed for divorce from her husband of 34 years back in late September. Upon coming out, Joe allegedly told the family that he would "try to continue in his marriage to Tina ... [but] it wasn't fair to her, and it wasn't fair to him."

Wow. If this is all true, there's no way this could have been easy for Joe. In my eyes, the guy definitely did the right thing.


No matter if you're famous or not, coming out of the closet is never an easy feat, especially after you've established a life with a wife and a home. Often times people like Joe want to carry on living the life they have, but just can't because it feels too dishonest and unfair to all parties involved. If it's true, Joe made the right decision. Everyone deserves to be happy, even if getting to that happy place involves quite the bumpy road filled with media criticisms and tears.

Joe Simpson's big "news" has got to be a hard pill for the Simpson family to swallow and move forward with. The Simpson family moved on pretty gracefully after Joe Simpson's DUI back in August, and with time, this news will pass too. Gay or not -- Joe is still the same father that Jessica and Ashlee grew up with. He'll still be a grandfather to baby Maxwell and Ashlee's son Bronx. And like it or not, he'll still have those awkwardly frosted tips.

What do you think about the news that Joe Simpson may be gay? Are you surprised?


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